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 Bite-Sized Monster Dictionary

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PostSubject: Bite-Sized Monster Dictionary   Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:39 pm

Often mentioned in the folklore of various cultures: a monster that sucks the blood of humans and livestock. Possesses high battle capabilities and is not easy to kill. Its strength is one of the greatest among monsters. On the other hand, vampires have many weaknesses such as being weakened by rosaries and water. Also known as the Immortal Ones. Vampires do not need blood to be sustained, and can substitute Tomato juice for it. Blood however, is much more effective, and satisfying. Humans are known to have a much sweeter taste, and scent, to their blood then monsters.
The appearance of a vampire can vary greatly, from having light to dark skin and hair of all types and colors. An example of this is Kalua and Kokoa, who happen to be full-blooded sisters, have a vast difference between them in that while Kokoa has fair skin, green eyes and dyed-red hair, Kalua has dark skin and long, blonde curly hair. The only thing that can physically distinguish a vampire from a human are their fangs, red eyes and their unnatural toughness. Even so, vampires are rarely seen in public, as they tend to keep to themselves. Despite this, many unlucky students of Yōkai Academy immediately recognize Moka as a vampire once she is unsealed by Tsukune, using the description above, due to their fame.

A monster of the night known since middle ages. The female version of the Incubus it appears in the dreams of sleeping men to seduce them. Succubi have power over men, and can sometimes hypnotize weaker minded beings into infatuation. With one kiss from a Succubus, any man will become there slave forever. Unlike some monsters, Succubi often mate outside of their species. In order to reproduce, all Succubi spend their life searching for their "Destined One" or true love. High level succubus have powers of illusion magic, and can cause powerful hallucinations, which enemies often have hard times discerning from reality. The strongest Succubus around, can sometimes even cause bodily harm with just these illusions, though weaker ones can still use these illusions to stop movement and the like. Incubuses are similar but just the male version of them.
A Succubus's true appearance isn't very different from the appearance of a Human. The only factors that set them apart are the growth of long nails, bat-like wings, thin and long grey tails, and gaining pointed ears. An Incubus doesn't feel as strong of a need to find their one as a succubus does.

A werewolf is a ferocious wild beast-like monster. Normally it is in human form, however, on moonlit nights, it transforms into a werewolf. The relationship between the werewolf and the moon has been known since the 16th Century, with its power increasing based on the strength of the moonlight. A beast of western origin. In exchange for it's lack of a unique ability, it's physical power towers above the rest. Especially in terms of agility, it is said that there is no equal. It possesses a deep connection to the moon, where its strength increases proportional to the intensity of moonlight.
Depending on the time and date, a werewolf is in either Human form or in its true form. In its true form, a Werewolf appears as a powerfully built humanoid creature, with double-jointed legs, a wolf-like tail, and a hairy, muscular body. The head and face take possess a wolf-like form, which is accompanied by an impressive mane of hair, not that dissimilar from a lion or a horse

Known since ancient times, they are a race on the boundary of between human and Yōkai. They live in harmony with nature deep within the woods, far from human habitation. It is said that they have the power to use magic by harnessing the power of nature.
These are the race that live with nature and have the ability to use nature as their "magic." They are capable of performing a varieties of magics, including ones that mutate their own body. They have been part of human history for centuries.
Witches are humanoid creatures, possibly a sub-species of humankind. They are physically identical to humans

Yuki-Onna: These mysterious creatures of snow and ice only appear during a large snowstorm or blizzards. They have a habit of freezing the lone travelers and abduct the males that they like. These cold and monstrous habits make them well known in Japanese society. They have the power to manipulate ice and snow.
A Yuki-Onna's true form is not very different from a human. The most prominent features are their hair (which turns into ice) and their hands (which become sharpened ice claws) when transformed.

The beast of thunder that soars through the skies riding on thunderclouds. It has been feared since ancient times for bringing harm to both men and animals. The true form of the great beast, the nue, in "The Tale of Heike" is said to be this raijū.
Looks like a normal Human but can move through places with electrical current with ease.

A spider monster that takes the form of a women. It has been known in Japan since ancient times. Her appearance is very beautiful, and she uses it to mystify men and eat them. She makes sticky threads within her body which she uses to strangle and take her prey.
A Jorōgumo's monster form looks identical to its human form with the exception of compound eyes and a set of eight spider-like legs that protrude out of the now-segmented stomach. When fully transformed, their mouths turn to multi-joint mandibles and their face mold toward more angular in shape to fit the mouth. The male version of the Jorougumo is the Tsuchigumo.

The generic term for the Inari, Kudagitsune, and Osaki classes of spirit foxes. Represented by the nine tailed fox, many have very strong supernatural energy. Also, when they beat their tails together, they create something known as "kitsunebi" (fox fire) and completely burn any human who does them harm.
As befitting their name, the Yōko fit the general shape of their animal counterpart, the fox. However, a Yōko is a Human-sized or larger creature, possesses multiple tails, and despite its fox-like form, is actually a humanoid creature, with appropriately present hands, though they can also be on all fours if they choose to. Another signature feature is that they sometimes possess a number of elaborate, tattoo-like markings on their bodies, concentrated on the shoulders up to the head, though this is likely dependent on factors such as the type, power level, age, etc.
One unique aspect of this species is that their appearance changes over time, which is directly correlated to the number of tails that he or she may have, which is in turn tied to factors such as time, inherent talent, training, etc. and the overall gaining of wisdom during ones lifespan. These factors in turn will increase the number of tails that a Yōko will possess; the more tails, the stronger and wiser the Yōko will be.
A Yoko can only have a max of nine tails.
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Bite-Sized Monster Dictionary
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